Class A: with a closed fire zone

Advancing technologies for firefighters by limiting environmental impact.

Thanks to its insulation system specially designed for this purpose we can reproduce all types of thermal phenomena with only 30kg of wood (2 to 3 pallets).
This tool, unique in the world, limits the loads used and the heat flow for trainers and trainees and allows use of water during the pedagogy: thermal phenomena, progression, attack .
The closed fire zone is an essential asset for controlled and safe information.

UTF - Smoke treatment system

  • This system has been studied and adapted specifically for our SULITEC simulator solution.
    SULITEC offers a washing treatment system to remove as many particles and tar as possible during combustion.
    Mechanical particles capture before cleaning process


  • progress box, operational ventilation, processing and attack/hoses techniques (attenuation, sweep, pulsing, etc.)
  • Additional fire points (wood and/or gas), open fireplace, etc.
  • Units designed for your needs and according to your specifications delivered and


  • Reduced amount of wood
  • Diversity of thermal phenomena
  • Robustness and durability of facilities

our commitment to quality

Sulitec provides products and services to the highest standards, thanks to strict and thorough quality control. This allows us to ensure the conformity of products according to market requirements, specific customer requests, legislation and company specifications. Sulitec complies with the ISO 9001 quality approach.